Friday, July 30, 2010

In the yard again - what a relief!

Luna and Topper visited the vet today to have stitches removed. Topper had been feeling pretty well since sometime last weekend and so we had been letting him play in the yard. Luna started to feel pretty good by this past Wednesday and so was very frustrated by having to be on a leash in the yard. So, the first thing we did when we got home was to let Luna play in the yard for as long as she wanted to.

The first thing she did was to run after Topper and try to take the sticks and plants he grabbed.

Luna: give it to me! You've had a week in the yard without me!

Topper: Ok - you can have the weed. I HAVE A STICK!

Luna: Must have stick!

Luna: Ok - not the same stick, but it's a stick and it feels so nice on my gums. I'm still teething, you know. I'm a snaggle tooth pup!

Topper: Now what does she have? I may just have to go chase her again.

Luna: I get to run, run, run! I missed running. See Luna run. Run, Luna, run!

Luna: Now what does Topper have? I may have to go chase him again.

Topper: If I just sit here and look bored I know I can drive Luna crazy. She just can't stand it!

Topper: OW! I didn't mean to tease you. Geez! Some dogs just can't take a joke.

Emma: Now's my chance. The puppies are busy and so I can go chase the baby bunnies by myself.

Topper: What's Emma doing? Is she going after the baby bunnies again?

Topper: Emma! Chase one out this way. I'm ready!

Luna: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I've been smelling the bunny tracks all week and have not been able to chase one.

Luna: Emma! Chase one over here! I'm ready for it!

Emma: snicker, snicker, snicker. . . I'm going to drive them mad by ignoring them and rolling in some worm poo. Worm poo - it does wonders for the hair. Don't you love my lovely comb over?

Emma: can't resist the smell of bunnies. I know they're in here. Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Emma: I think I'll just wait here for the puppies to come over and then we'll bark into the hole and chase the bunnies out.


Anonymous said...

ah .. puppy heaven!

Roxanne24 said...

OH MY GOSH!! The look on their priceless!!! Thank you for the pictures!!

Pete said...

they'll keep emma young :D

Anonymous said...

Ok,Kids ... time to get your mom to post new pictures of your adventures!

Who up for 'walkies'?

Roxanne24 said...

Im needing a PUPPY fix. Oh my goodness...I need to get a life (or a job at home, so I can spend every minute with my there medicine for this?)