Sunday, May 23, 2010

What can we get away with today?

Luna: Topper! I think the coast is clear. No one's watching us right now! Hurry up, we can do some fun stuff before they catch us!

Topper: Ok, sis - let me just check it out first. Hmmm, I think you're right! Let's go!

Luna and Topper: Where do we go from here? I don't see a way out of this yard, do you?

Emma: Oh, oh - they're up to something again. I wonder if I should go tell Mom?

Luna: psssssst! Topper! Emma's spying on us. I think she's going to go tell Mom what we're up to!

Topper: Nah, I don't think so, sis. I think Emma's on our side. Really, I do!

Topper: See? Emma's taking a nap, she didn't tell on us at all. Let's dig!

Luna and Topper: We love to dig! I bet we can dig a tunnel to China!

Luna: Well, maybe not to China, but I bet we can dig a hole under the fence if Emma doesn't tattle on us.

Settling in with new puppies

As you could probably tell from the May 10, 2010 posting, Emma was less than thrilled to have puppies invading her space. It took about three days for her to "get over it," so to speak. On day 2 she was starting to make some play overtures. Topper took her up on it, but Luna was too intimidated to play with the big scary Emma. Day three was the breakthrough day for the Wolfe pack. Emma not only started playing in earnest, but she also allowed Topper and Luna to crawl over her and to sleep on her. This is a typical morning scene for us while I'm drinking my first cup of coffee. Topper usually crawls up on my lap first, followed by Luna and then Emma makes herself at home in her usual spot. Sometimes Emma claims the spot first and then Topper or Luna, or both, crawl(s) over her to reach the comfy snooze zone.

I've been socializing both puppies on separate days by taking them with me to my museum office. I'm working on a project there that has been slow going for several years. Having new puppies in the house has given me more of an excuse to spend time at the museum, since I can work there with them without too much trouble. I have a nice dog bed and some favorite toys and soft blankets for them to snuggle with - when they're not on my lap, of course.

I think Topper can sleep just about anywhere. Both pups have enjoyed the adventures, and I do believe it's good for both of them to have some time without their sibling. The evening reunion is definitely worth it all, too.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Puppy play time in the yard


I have a ball! A slimy, wet, yucky tennis ball! You can't have it, it's mine!


We'll see about that. I'm going to get a ball. Here I come!


You two sort it out. I'm going to stay out of trouble.


Hmmmm, that does look like fun. Maybe I should venture over there just to taste the ball.

Luna and Topper:

Yum! Slimy, wet, yucky tennis ball. The best treat in the back yard, except for all the other yucky and slimy things we can dig out of the wood pile.

Slurp, chew, lick, bite, gnaw - YUM!


You do realize I'm only lending these balls to you, right? They really are mine, but I'm willing to let you have my rejects. But, only for a little while. Enjoy them while you can.


No! They're both mine! You can't have one - I want them both.


Oh yeah? Well, I'll bite your ear off!


Go ahead and try! I'll bite your foot off!


My name is Topper - that means I get to be top dog sometimes!


That will show Luna - I win! Yay! Slimy, wet, yucky tennis ball - all mine!


Don't worry, Mom. Luna has the reject ball. See? She's just resting and when she wakes up, she'll find the ball. She's ok.

I win!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Invasion of the people snatchers!

Yesterday was a very special mother's day for Emma's mom. Our two new puppies, Luna and Topper, came home, and it's caused quite a stir in Emma's home.

The puppies didn't sleep at all on the trip home from the breeder's. They were excited and had to spend some time exploring the house when they arrived. Thus, when they needed a nap, they totally crashed.

This is Topper, our male chocolate and tan miniature dachshund puppy. ZZZZZZZ!

"Mom! How could you??????? Who are these puppies, and why are they here? I thought we were just visiting them the other day. You never told me they were coming to MY HOUSE! When are they going home????"

"What do you mean, this IS their home? This is MY home!"

"Ok, squirts, here are the house rules. I'm only going to tell you once, and you better not forget them or you'll be sorry!"

"1. I'm in charge."
"2. My toys are mine. Not yours. Mine!"
"3. If I was playing with a toy at any time in the past, it's mine."
"4. If you're playing with a toy and I want it, it's mine."
"5. Mom's lap is mine."
"6. Dad's lap is mine."
"7. All the laps in the house are mine. It doesn't matter that I can't sit in them all at the same time. They're mine. All mine."

"Geez! I can't believe my people would do this to me. What did I ever do to deserve twins?"

"Topper, do you think she really means it?"

"Nah, sis, I think she's just being cranky. She'll come around, don't worry."

"I don't know, Topper. She looks pretty serious about those toys. Look, she's sitting on top of her dragon's hoard."

"Luna, stop worrying! She's not going to be able to guard everything, and we can team up on her to take some of them for ourselves. You'll see."

"I really want her to be my big sister. She looks like such a nice doggie."

Luna and Topper shouldn't worry too much. Emma IS a nice dog, and she's going to have a lot of fun with you.

Our first day was pretty fun and the puppies slept very well last night. Emma has accepted them without too much fuss, although she is having to chase after her toys when the puppies are awake.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Let the wild rumpus start!

We visited the puppies again yesterday morning. This time with the entire family and Emma. She was so much more relaxed this time, and got along with all the puppies, except for rascally Carver. He just was too rambunctious for Emma.

We all enjoyed the visit and playing with the puppies. Topper was again pretty engaging and seemed to be attached to us. When he crawled onto Emma, who was in my lap, and then proceeded to fall asleep right next to her, and Emma let him, we all thought he was just too cute. So, after some serious family discussions about the challenges in raising two puppies, we've decided to adopt both Luna and Topper. We'll be a three-dachshund family, beginning next week! I'm sure the entertainment factor of having three dachshunds in the family will make for some great blog posts. Wild rumpus, indeed!