Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hot-doggity indignation

Mom's birthday tradition is a regifting of Emma (for six of the past 7 years - the original birthday gift was in year one). This year's twist was the addition of a hot dog costume as the wrapping. Oh, the indignity of it all.....

Emma:  Seriously, Mom?  Is this what you really want for your birthday this year?

Emma:  Well, ok, then.  I don't really mind.  It's going to be quite a warm winter coat for me this year, especially as it's a bit on the large side.

See?  I can run in it and everything.
Luna:  Are you sure you're ok with this, Emma?

Emma:  Sure, it's not so bad.  Michael and Tania wanted Mom to have an opportunity to embarrass us on the blog.  That's not a bad birthday gift, right?

Emma:  Look! I can fetch sticks as a hot dog.

Emma:  I bet Topper wants to try on my new costume.

Topper:  I hope they don't try to put that thing on me. 

Topper:  What?????  How did this happen???  One moment I'm running free as a jay bird, and the next I'm wrapped up like a wiener dog.  No fair!

Topper:  Ok, fun time is over.  Please take this thing off of me.

Topper:  Hey, I'm serious here.  Please take this thing off of me.  I have bunnies to chase now.

Topper:  If you don't take this thing off of me right NOW! I'm going to be gnawing on some ankle bones very soon.

Luna:  I really am not happy about this at all.  Topper looks much, MUCH better than I do in this outfit.  The beige clashes with my weimar-wiener coloring.

Steve:  What big babies!  I'll wear the costume and show you how it's done.

No comment, on the risk of getting in trouble....

(Sidebar: Steve has a philosophy that if you don't want your picture taken whilst doing something goofy, just refrain from doing it......)

Steve:  Super HOT DOG man!

Luna and Topper: Let's wrestle!  We need to get that costume out of our system now.

Luna, Emma, Topper:  YAY! We got to go for a 3.5 mile hike after that costume ordeal.  We like the Highbanks Metro Park pet trail.  We met lots of interesting dogs today.