Saturday, September 08, 2007

Leave me alone, I was sleeping!

"What's going on? I was sound asleep and someone made a bright light go off in my eyes!"

"Who are you looking at? Can't you tell I was trying to get some beauty sleep?"

"What? Are you still there? Am I going to have to call the police?"

"Well, since I'm awake now, and Mom is right here in the chair, I might as well get a kiss in."

"Mom's working on my blog, you know."

"Geez, I must be boring. I'm putting myself back to sleep. . .


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where'd you learn to drive?????

Poor Emma - we've been so busy this summer that she's not been the center of attention 24/7. We have been going to her favorite park for long walks, though, and she really looks forward to each trip. All I have to do is grab my car keys and she thinks it's time for her walk in the park.

While I'm driving, she sits in Steve's lap and watches all the action on the road. Every so often she spots a squirrel or rabbit and goes into hunt mode, and she sniffs the air coming through the vent trying to get the scent.

"Are we there yet?"