Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow Dog '08!

This weekend is the big blizzard of 2008! We had 20 inches of snow fall today, and it was wonderful!

I'm a SNOW DOG today!

The tricky part is to get my owners to throw snow at me so I can catch it and be covered up in it from head to toe!

Daddard is outside the fence using the snow blower. He can't hear me whining for snow when that machine is running.

All I can do is watch him blowing snow. I have to wait for him to fetch the shovel.

I love snow!

Yay! The shovel is back and here's my snow!

Caught it!

Ahhhhhh ---- that's better!

Can I have some more snow, please????

More, please?

I love snow!

Really, I do!

I'm a snow dog!