Sunday, August 15, 2010

We're going on a rabbit hunt!

Luna: I smell a rabbit!

Luna: Come on, Mom! Let's go hunt a rabbit!

Luna: Oooops! My bad! I forgot that you can't smell a rabbit trail. Sorry!

Luna: Ok, I'll track it for you.

Topper: I bet I can find it before Luna does.

Luna: No way, Topper! I have a much prettier nose than you do.

Emma: Amateurs! I have the rabbit trail, and I have years of experience. I'll catch the rabbit.

Luna: No way, Emma - this is my game. I get to catch the rabbit! I call dibs!

Luna: Geez. I don't know why those two can't let me win this game. I told Mom that I would catch a rabbit for her.

Topper: I'll have an advantage from up here. Not only do I have a superior nose, but I can see the whole yard from here.

Emma: Those two rookies wouldn't know a rabbit if it bit them in the behind!

Topper: Hey! I heard that!

Topper and Luna: Maybe the rabbit escaped through the fence. We better bark up a storm so the neighbor knows to leave it alone.

Luna: I bet it's hiding in the bushes. I better go check it out before Topper gets that idea.

Topper: Bwaaahaaaaahaaaahaaa - beat you to it, Luna!

Luna: I smell a rabbit! I just know it's hiding up here in the weeds.

Topper: Maybe Luna's on to something. I sure hope she doesn't find the rabbit. I want to catch it.

Luna: humph! It wasn't up in the weeds, and it's not in the yard. I think it's time to take a rest in the shade.

Topper: Ok, Luna - I'll keep a lookout for the rabbit. Why don't you take a nap while you're at it? I'll wake you up if I see the rabbit.

Emma: Forget the rabbit - there's a squirrel in the tree. Oooooh! Squirrel!

Emma, Topper, Luna: Yay! Squirrel! Where's the squirrel?

Emma: Forget it. It's way too hot to go chasing squirrels. I think I'll stand here and look pathetic until someone goes and gets me a treat.

Emma, Luna, Topper: We're singing for our supper! Doesn't anyone want to give us a treat? Anyone?

Emma: Hurray for dadderd! He got the milkbones!

Topper: Forget the junk food - I see the rabbit!

Luna: I bet I can catch it before Topper does.

Emma: I win! Three doggie treats for me!


Roxanne24 said...

Oh MY GOSH!! How cute are they!!! Goin' Wabbit huntin'! And singing for my dinner! LOVE IT!
Thank you for sharing a smile on this Monday morning.

Andi Wolfe said...

Hey, check it out:

Topper's featured on another dachshund blog.

Pete said...

love the singing picture! are they auditioning for the next album?

Andi Wolfe said...

Topper may be the next rising star. He loves to sing whenever someone is playing music - especially when Steve is practicing on his flute.