Monday, February 26, 2007

The Scioto River Below the Griggs Reservoir Dam

I went on a short birding expedition along the Scioto River this afternoon after work. Other than a few Mallards, a Belted Kingfisher, and a raptor that was too far away to identify, I didn't find many birds. I did find about 130 Canada Geese on the ice above the dam. The water was much higher than last week due to snow melt. I was hoping to find more of the variety of ducks we saw in this same spot last week.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Squeaky toy inspiration

Mom was surfing the web and found a website of an artist who does installation acoustic art. The video she found was of an installation of squeaky toys being squeaked by a couple of kids. (You have to click on "works" and then "acapella" to see the video.) I went bonkers over the squeaky sounds and had to investigate Mom's computer. I couldn't find any toys in her laptop so I found one of my favorite toys to play with. Wow, what great inspiration for playing with toys.

After I grabbed my toy I went looking for the squeaky sounds. Are there more toys in Mom's camera bag????

Nope - I'll grab my toy, though, and make sure no one's going to take it from me. Do I look ferocious?

Oh, sorry! Didn't mean to scare you.

I'll just squeak this toy by myself. I don't need to find those other ones. I still hear them, though.

I wish someone would play with me. . . .

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Play ball!

Mom didn't take me for a walk in the snow today, but she did play catch with me, so she's forgiven.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Emma still loves snow!

We had a huge snowfall yesterday - about 7 inches, plus freezing rain. That means that schools were canceled today as was Mom's work.


Richard started it by trying to clear the patio. That's my signal to play "catch the snow," my favorite wintertime game.

Come on, Richard. You can pick up more snow than that at a time. . .

Yes!!! My first shovelful of the morning. I love snow!

Here it comes. Get ready to jump!


Ok, so I wear more of it than I catch, but I still love snow.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy - he's getting another shovel of snow.

Hurry up! The anticipation is killing me.

Here it comes. I'm ready. I have my eye on the snow. Be the snow. . . . ohmmmmm.

YES! I'm one with the snow.

Snow, snow, snow, snow - I love snow!

Where's the snow? I want more snow!

Yippeee! I have my wish!

I'm so glad school was canceled today so Richard could play throw the snow with me.

Darn! Richard had to go clear the sidewalks. Meghan felt sorry for me whining at the gate for Richard to come back, so now she's playing, "throw the snow" with me.

Hmmmmm, this is a different version of the game. There's not much snow on that shovel.

OK, I'll jump. Where's the snow?

I'm still jumping. Where's the snow??? I want some snow!

It's stuck on the shovel! How am I supposed to catch snow if it doesn't fly off the shovel?

Good girl! You figured it out! I love snow!

May I have some more, please?

You know how much I love snow - please give me some more.

Do you think school will be canceled again tomorrow? I sure hope so - I love snow!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Stir-crazy Emma

The weather has been too cold and snowy to go outside to play this week. No walks, not much chasing squirrels, cooped up inside all week. Mom gave me a bit of a break by playing with me on the couch. I played hide-and-seek in my hidey hole.

I can't see you, so you can't see me, right?

Mmmmmmm - squeaky toy!

The view is much better from up here.