Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Worldwide Puppy Wrestling Federation

In this corner, Luna, an Isabella and Tan miniature dachshund puppy weighing in at 7.6 lbs. Luna is totally intent on maintaining the status quo of her being the alpha puppy of her litter.

In the other corner, Topper - Luna's little brother; a chocolate and tan miniature dachshund puppy weighing in at 7.5 lbs. His main goal in life thus far is to achieve world domination and to take over every warm lap in the household.

Referee Emma gives the rules of the match.

"There will be no spitting, tickling, or biting of sensitive body parts! I want a clean match and no excessive drama out there."


"Follow me to the wrasslin' grass and stay in your corners until I call you in to play."


I'm gonna win this match, I just know it! I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will catch Luna off guard.


Bring it on, Topper. I can whip your butt!


I don't know why they insist on this every single day. When are they going to outgrow this stage of life? Puppies! Sigh.

(I wish I were still that flexible. . . )


Must warm up! Run, Luna, run!


Oh yeah? Well, I'm faster and smarter and better looking than Luna, at least in my own mind, that is.


Fix your ear, Topper. You're embarrassing the whole family.


Stuff it, Luna. I'll do whatever it takes to get all the attention.


Take that!

Ouch! Not the ear! I told you to leave my ears alone!

Topper: Not the tag! I told you I don't want any more teeth marks on my pretty tag!

Luna: Oh stop being such a wussy!

Emma: I'm outta here.

Luna: Whatsa matter, Topper? Can't stand the heat?

Luna: I didn't mean it! Really, I didn't. Don't bite my leg. Emma! Topper is tickling me! Where's the ref???

Topper: Take that! I win! You're pinned and down for the count.

Topper: Shake it off, man. I hate it when she goes for my ears!

Topper: Emma! Did you see it? Did you see me pin Luna? I WON!

Luna: Ok, maybe you won that round, but I bet I can win the foot race! Tag! You're it!

Much later. . . ZZZZZZZ!


snshinegal said...

Love it!

Pete said...

so cute

deb said...

Thanks for the puppy strip; I really enjoyed reading it!

Roxanne24 said...

Heyyyy!!! Where are the babies hiding?? I'm needing an Emma, Luna and Topper fix!!! Your pictures are priceless!

Andi Wolfe said...

Just got back a few days ago from a long trip. Will resume the photo safari for the pups soon. They're getting so big!

Anonymous said...

yea! me too! in desperate need of a puppy-fix (and some puppy-breath)

Roxanne24 said...

Not to be high maintenance (well maybe a little)...but I am in serious need of a baby fix!! Can you package the puppy breath as well? I can't wait to see how big they have gotten!!! My baby dog Jefferson, looks so much like Topper!!!!