Friday, June 11, 2010


One of the things that keeps all the backyard critters a bit ahead of Emma's hunting prowess is her set of jingly collar tags. Emma likes having her collar put on in the morning - it seems to define the start of her day.

Luna and Topper received their first piece of jewelry this week after getting their rabies vaccinations. Luna acts as if her new jewelry makes her more grown up and dignified.

Topper gets a bit distracted by the shiny tag and tries to play with it. Have I mentioned that Topper is the embodiment of T-I-double Guh-R, ala Tigger of Winnie-the Pooh? He's bouncy, trouncy, and fun-fun-fun! It got him into trouble last night, though, since he would not settle down for bedtime. I had to hold him tight in my arms and softly stroke him until he became drowsy.


Roxanne24 said...

How beautiful is your family!! look so dapper with your custom made jewlery!!! And are so beautiful!! You have the sweetest face! I really wish I could snuggle both of you!! Emma! What a great teacher you are!!!

Roxanne24 said...

How beautiful and sweet is your family!! Topper!! You look so dapper and dignified with your new jewelry! And Luna...Jewels fit for a princess!! Emma, you are already a queen! I wish I could pick both of the babies up and snuggle you for a moment!! I am needing a puppy breath fix! :)
Thanks for sharing your beauty's with us!