Sunday, May 23, 2010

Settling in with new puppies

As you could probably tell from the May 10, 2010 posting, Emma was less than thrilled to have puppies invading her space. It took about three days for her to "get over it," so to speak. On day 2 she was starting to make some play overtures. Topper took her up on it, but Luna was too intimidated to play with the big scary Emma. Day three was the breakthrough day for the Wolfe pack. Emma not only started playing in earnest, but she also allowed Topper and Luna to crawl over her and to sleep on her. This is a typical morning scene for us while I'm drinking my first cup of coffee. Topper usually crawls up on my lap first, followed by Luna and then Emma makes herself at home in her usual spot. Sometimes Emma claims the spot first and then Topper or Luna, or both, crawl(s) over her to reach the comfy snooze zone.

I've been socializing both puppies on separate days by taking them with me to my museum office. I'm working on a project there that has been slow going for several years. Having new puppies in the house has given me more of an excuse to spend time at the museum, since I can work there with them without too much trouble. I have a nice dog bed and some favorite toys and soft blankets for them to snuggle with - when they're not on my lap, of course.

I think Topper can sleep just about anywhere. Both pups have enjoyed the adventures, and I do believe it's good for both of them to have some time without their sibling. The evening reunion is definitely worth it all, too.

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