Friday, March 04, 2011

Morning Light

A few days ago, February 28th to be precise, there was a pack meeting held in my chair. I think it was a celebration of a sunny morning. It was also, apparently, a good time to romp.


Anonymous said...

looks more like a dominance struggle! No happy faces:

"I'm top-dog"

"no, I'm top-dog"

"no, I'm dad's favorite"

"your mother was a bitch!"

Andi Wolfe said...


They actually play like this a lot and are all very happy whilst doing it. What was unusual here is that all three dogs were involved. Usually it's just the brown dogs or the siblings romping together. Luna and Emma are finally starting to play together.

Luna was corrected by Emma the first week she came to our home and ever since then she's been hesitant to initiate play with Emma. Recently, though, she has been making play overtures and Emma takes her up on the offer. It's great to see all three of them chasing each other and dog wrestling.

Roxanne said...

I LOVE your puppies!!!! I can hear the growling/grunting noises from here!!