Saturday, October 02, 2010

Mom is visiting other dogs in South Africa!

Mom is away to South Africa to do a field season there. She's collecting a little-known parasitic plant. Hmmmmmm! She's also visiting other doggies. There's a rumor that she petted a miniature dachshund puppy - not fair!

Hyobanche sp nov

This is the plant she's working on - at least one of the new species she's to describe soon.


Hummpf! This is a border collie who went with her to the dune field where this new plant occurs. Her name is Elsie.


Elsie looks entirely too comfy with Mom's field hat. Stay away from our mom!

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Jan Harris said...

Was that a picture of a Hyobanche? I read about them on your Mom's page at the Ohio State site. Beautiful! Don't worry Emma, Elsie looks like a sweet girl, but I'm sure your Mom misses you and Luna & Topper more than anything. Be sure to give her PLENTY of kisses when she comes home.