Friday, April 30, 2010

Emma meets Luna and the other puppies!

Yesterday we drove out to Marysville to visit Waggin' Tails Miniature Dachshunds and to meet Luna Pi at last. She turns seven weeks old this Sunday.

Emma was very hesitant and unsure about the puppies for the first half hour of our visit. Afterwards, though, she was very curious, but still somewhat unsure about what to think of these five pups. In this picture she's getting acquainted with Luna Pi. Luna didn't seem too bothered by Emma's intrusion or dominance behavior.

In fact, Luna was pretty inquisitive about everything in the big outdoors as this was the first time the puppies had been outside, and the first time they had met a "strange" dog or new people. It was also the first time Luna had seen a big camera. I had my Canon 7D with me and turned it around to get her picture while she was on my lap. I love this picture of her.

As soon as Luna was in my lap, Emma had to be there too. They spent quite a few minutes sniffing each other's ears.

Luna has really beautiful ears. Her coloring is Isabella and Tan, which reminds me of a Weimaraner. Thus, I will always think of Luna as a Weimarweiner!

Luna has four brothers, three of which are in this picture. L to R: "Topper," Carver, and "Darby." Topper and Darby have not yet been placed. Both are adorable.

Topper (chocolate and tan) loves to play and really took a shine to me.

Carver is in the process of chewing my shoe - hey that's my toe you're biting!

Darby is a dapple Isabella and Tan. He's very handsome and very calm. You should contact Waggin' Tails if you're interested in adopting either of these gents. I wish I had more room at my place. I think Topper would be a fun pup to have around and he's the softest smooth coat I've ever met.

This is Winchester. He's the only longhaired puppy in the litter. He is soooooo mellow, too. He spent most of the visit snoozing.

It was so fun to watch the puppies romp and then take a nap. Luna's checking the action before succumbing to a nap.

Emma went around and checked the puppies while they were napping. Carver just rolled over and submitted to Emma whenever she got too nosy.

Nap time for Carver.

Winchester woke up when Emma came sniffing. Luna's checking out the show.

Emma did not like having her ears sniffed by the pups. She let them know when they had overstepped her boundaries. If looks could kill, these pups would have been in serious trouble.

What a sweet puppy!

Must take nap! I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the puppies and meeting Luna. We're going to visit again tomorrow morning.


Pete said...

emma has the equipment for nosing :D

love the looks could kill pic!

Roxanne24 said...

I have thought about these puppies ALL weekend....I SOOOO want to snuggle their fat little bodies and smell that sweet puppy breath!!!! You are so lucky!!!