Thursday, September 03, 2009

Play with me, please!

I'm bored!

I really want Mom to pay attention to me. Maybe if I start squeaking this toy, she'll notice how bored I am.

Yes! It worked. She's teasing me with a sock now.

Got the sock. Sigh! I'm bored!

Yay! She's teasing me with my rope toy. Must have rope toy! It's mine!

Got it. Sigh ~~~~ ! I'm bored again, but at least I have a dragon's hoard under construction.


Jan said...

Lol, poor Emma. My Emma's never bored. She spends too much time searching for food, rats in the garden, food, sleeping, food and following me around to be bored. Oh, and did I mention food?

Anonymous said...

Poor little emma -- left home alone again :>(

when is emma's travel vacation?