Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mom's been very busy!

What to do, what to do? My mom's been away a lot this past six months and I'm stuck at home wondering when she's going to come back to play with me again.

I miss my mom when she's away, but I always forgive her - after spending about 30 minutes letting her have it right in the kisser.

How can she leave me for weeks at a time? I'm so adorable!

Oh well, there's nothing to do for it except nap, snooze and dream of that next squeaky toy.

You can surf on over to Mom's blog to see the pictures from her trek to the Himalayas. I'm much sweeter than a smelly yak - I don't know why she wanted to go over there.


Pete said...

i did wonder how you were doing on your own!!

JohnFera said...

Wau, Oscar lives! I see his reincarnation ;-)

Anonymous said...

there's our girl -- i thought she still trapped in the snow :>(