Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Aisling's new CD is done!

Emma's recording debut is now complete. The Pilgrim's Road CD is being released this weekend at the Dublin Irish Festival in Dublin, Ohio.

We have four tracks available for listening at


Emma's track is the Beare Island one, but you'll have to download that for 99¢ - sorry, it was too long a track to put on myspace.


Jan said...

I've just listened to the tracks - they're fantastic, I have several Irish music cds. Good luck at the weekend with yours, hope you sell loads. Is Emma appearing live on stage with you? How cool would that be. Hope to see photos! :)

Andi Wolfe said...

Jan -

Unfortunately, no. The festival won't allow pets of any sort except guide dogs, the border collies brought in for the sheep herding demonstration, and those as part of the Irish dog breed exhibit.

I think that next year I'll list Emma as one of the band members on our performers contract and ask for dog tag sized entertainers badge for her.

Anonymous said...

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