Sunday, June 03, 2007

Emma in the recording studio

Yesterday was my big day with my Irish traditional music band, Aisling. I'm the official mascot of the band, you know.

Aisling has been recording a new CD project since April and I finally had my turn in the studio. I'm the squeaky toy percussionist, in case you're wondering what instrument I play in the band. I always accompany the band while they're rehearsing at my house.

The recording studio is a long ways from home and I was pretty interested in the new scents coming through the air vents on the car ride up there. I didn't know where my folks were taking me. We were in the car a very long time.

When we got to Lone Raven studio I had to check out all the new smells and sites. There were a lot of drums, cables, chairs, and interesting stuff in the room where I spent the morning with Mom.

When you're recording tracks for the CD you have to wear earphones so you can hear the previous tracks and play along with them and the click track.

Ummmmm, there's only one small problem. The ear phones are made for big, fat heads.

Ok, that's better, but you're really crimping my style. I need to feel the music to play my instrument. I need to be able to dance, too.

Mom brought along some new toys to keep me entertained while Dadard was recording his flute tracks. She had to take my collar off a couple of times as I was so enthusiastic about playing that my tags were making too much noise and Craig Markley, our recording engineer, was worried that the sound would carry over onto the recording.

Yummmmmmmm, stuffed hedgehog. What a treat!

Good idea, Mom, but you know it only takes a few minutes for me to completely destroy one of these toys. You have to start with the eyes, and then you can rip open the head and destuff the toy and find the noise box inside.


This is Craig, our recording engineer. He does a lot of magic stuff with his computer software.

Actually, I'm more interested in the bagel box, but I thought I should show some interest in the recording process, too.

We already did the photo shoot for the band CD, but I think I should work on my "look" for the press releases. How about a simple comb-over?

Oooooh - this is a much more sultry look, don't you think?

Hey, it's finally my turn! I'm an expert at playing squeaky toy percussion.

Give me the toy! I want it!


Let go! I want the toy! Squeak, squeak, squeak, whine, whine, whine, bark!

Hey! They recorded it in stereo. . .

I'm not sure what I did that was so special, but Mom seemed pretty happy with the result. You'll have to buy the CD, "The Pilgrim's Road" to hear my recording debut. The CD will be released in early August at the Dublin Irish Festival (Dublin, Ohio).


Pete said...

hope you are being paid royalties

Jan said...

that poor hoggy toy! Very cute pics though. :)

Andi Wolfe said...

Emma gets paid in squeaky toys! She gets a new one every week when we come home from the grocery shopping.

Anonymous said...

KEEP THAT DOG ON A DIET -- she's looking like a coffee-table!

Poor Emma -- if she expects to continue with her music career, she MUST loose that weight!

Andi Wolfe said...

Wow, that's rather harsh. Emma weighs 10 lbs - well within the normal range for a miniature dachshund. She's also a long-hair and the fluff of her coat adds some apparent "width." She's just ran off to bed crying. . . . whine, whine, whine.