Sunday, March 18, 2007

Oi! Here's Emma!

Everyone in the family has been soooooo busy this month that I've been spending most of my time curled up on Richard's couch blanket. It's a really comfy place to take a nap and the color matches my fur well enough that sometimes no one can find me if the lights are turned down low. The snow has melted now and the ground is all muddy, but it's still really cold outside and I've not been on many walks lately. I need my exercise, too, because I'm becoming the "Bahama Mama."

What? Do I get to go with you this time? Really??????? Oh Boy!

Mom and Dadders took me birding today! We didn't go very far or stay out for long, but we did get pretty muddy.

Here's one of the birds seen along the river - a Downy Woodpecker. I'm not sure how they see these little birds, but they sure do find a lot of different ones every time they go out.

I saw a bunch of geese that I wanted to chase, but Mom had me clipped into her carabeener. She hooks my leash to her waist so that she can use her binoculars or camera. I just sit and wait, and sniff everything in reach.

These are the usual birds I see each day. We have several feeding stations around the yard and the birds are pretty messy in getting their seed out of the feeders. I like to eat the leftovers on the ground, but I have to fight off the squirrels for these bits. Maybe that's why I'm becoming the "Bahama Mama." Not enough squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits to chase in the yard.

Hey, this is much better. This is Meghan, who received an acoustic fretless bass for her birthday. She crawled into the packing box, because it was about the same size as her and I took advantage to give her a big sloppy kiss. Yum! Leftovers!


Jan said...

Hey glad to see you back, and that you got to go birding. Do you get to go to Australia with your mom and dad too? It's an awful long way to travel.

Andi Wolfe said...

Poor Emma - has to stay home and comfort the rest of the family. She'll gain some weight, I'm sure.