Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa knows who's been naughty

Hmmm, I wonder how those teeth marks got on Mom's present from Dad? For that matter, how did this get unwrapped before being chomped on?

How did this present to Dad get unwrapped and chewed? I wouldn't know that the box was leather and the item inside was also a nice, beautiful, leather. I wonder how that happened? Hmmmm?

What do all these presents have in common?????

Some secret Santa's helper unwrapped them and chewed on each of them. I wonder who would do such a dastardly deed?

Why are all these shreds of wrapping paper in my bed? Is someone trying to frame me?

I didn't do it! Honest! I'm innocent! Someone's trying to frame me! I take the 5th ammendment! I want to talk to my lawyer!

Must resist temptation. Don't give in to primal urges. . . .

Bwah-hahahahaha. . . . It's mine all mine all mine. Rip, shred, tear, chomp!!!!!

Aaaahhhhhh. . . . that was great! I'm totally exhausted!

Maybe if I lie down and stay really still, they won't make the connection. I really need a nap right now.

Night night. Must snooze now. I'll just lay on the evidence and they won't see the mess I made. I sure do love this time of year!

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